Cross The Bridge to Success

It’s time to reach your goals!

About Me

Helping you reach your goals through introspection, focus and planning.

I’m Ron Richardson, a professional life coach who focuses on goals coaching.  Do you have goals that you’re working on but find that you’re having a hard time getting them accomplished?  Or maybe you’re considering tackling new goals but are afraid you’ll never complete them? As your life coach, I’ll provide the support and accountability you need to help you reach your goals.


What People Say

I was trying to change jobs shortly after graduating from college. Working with Ron as my life coach helped me to set smart goals to get where I needed to be. I got the job!


Working with Ron as a life coach was great! He really helped me to create smart goals and then held me accountable to following through on the plan we developed to accomplish them.


My Blog Posts

  • Why I Keep A Journal
    Keeping a journal enables me to see things in perspective by seeing things over time. As I revisit the journal entries I’ve made over the years, it’s interesting to see how some past events that occurred in my life that seemed so tragic, don’t seem so tragic anymore as I look back on them. I see them from a much broader perspective.
  • Taking a Look Inward
    When do we take time to take a thoughtful, deliberative look at who we truly are; at our strengths and our weaknesses, at our aspirations and goals, at our moral beliefs? 
  • The Wheel of Life
    The life wheel is a tool that many life coaches use to learn more about their clients. Of course, it also helps the client learn more about themselves. Let’s try it. Take a look at the life wheel image and think about what success or satisfaction would feel like for each area on the wheel.