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It’s time to reach your goals!

About Me

Helping you reach your goals through introspection, focus and planning.

I’m Ron Richardson, a professional life coach who focuses on goals coaching.  Do you have goals that you’re working on but find that you’re having a hard time getting them accomplished?  Or maybe you’re considering tackling new goals but are afraid you’ll never complete them? As your life coach, I’ll provide the support and accountability you need to help you reach your goals.


What People Say

I was trying to change jobs shortly after graduating from college. Working with Ron as my life coach helped me to set smart goals to get where I needed to be. I got the job!

Danny J.

Working with Ron as a life coach was great! He really helped me to create smart goals and then held me accountable to following through on the plan we developed to accomplish them.

Henry S.

My Blog Posts

  • Strategy For Completing Major Goals
    An effective way to achieve major goals in your life is to break these big goals up into smaller ones; long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. All these goal types are necessary components in your strategy for completing major goals. Each goal type has different benefits and can launch you forward toward the end result of completing the major goal.
  • Three Reasons for Personal Transparency
    It takes a good deal of courage to allow people to see your true self. People might not like your true self. People might find your true self boring and uninteresting. People may criticize and ridicule your true self. People may even be offended by you being your true self. But on the other hand, an awesome thing can happen when you allow people to see who you truly are. When you present yourself to the world just as you are, flaws and all, you allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  • The Importance of Work-Life Balance
    During these unsettling times of uncertainty in the workforce because of coronavirus, I still think it’s important to strive toward work-life balance. There’s already been a lot said and written about work-life balance over the years, so I won’t say a lot more, but I do want to say a few things as a reminder. I read a LinkedIn post once in which a CEO claimed that work-life balance is crap. I thought that was such an ill-advised statement. Going through life unbalanced is uncomfortable, unhealthy and unproductive.
  • How To Set SMART Goals
    One of the best ways to guarantee goal-setting success is to ensure that each of your goals fits the SMART formula. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
  • Focus On Your Goal
    Reaching your goal requires dedicated focus. While working toward accomplishing your goal, it’s necessary to blur out anything that is distracting and focus solidly on the goal and what it takes to complete it. You must focus on completing the steps and tasks that will bring the goal to completion.
  • How To Finish What You Start
    Before you jump in and begin something, ask yourself whether it’s really important. One key to finishing what you start is to not begin something that has little relevance in your life.